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Great work, by great men!  (Corbett Monica and Bob Nikkel) By Kristian Foden-Vencil Forest Grove, OR  March 14, 2008.

OREGON found solutions to this problem of dual diagnosis.  At the Big Ship Turning, we see the Peer Support Rudder - Dual Diagnosis ... read entire article here...

Coming full circle: Rosanna Terrill's journey into sobriety
By Elizabeth Chapman Of the News-Times - Posted: Feb 08, 2008

"At 35 years old, I got addicted to methamphetamine. I hadn't heard of it," said Rosanna Terrill...read entire article here...

Article by as published by the on April 1st 2007

Since 1996, the DDA peer support group offers sessions in most of the western states, including Hawaii, and in other countries such as Great Britain and Canada...read entire article here...


Article by Bob Nikkel as published by the Salem Statesman Journal on June 6th 2006

It’s an old idea with an exciting new energy behind it. And it holds promise for as many as 3,000 persons in Marion and Polk counties.

Let’s start with the idea: Nearly 20 years ago, when I was a clinical supervisor for Marion County, three mental health caseworkers approached me with similar client problems.


They said they had trouble keeping people who faced both psychiatric and addiction issues — what is called a “dual diagnosis” — in traditional 12-step programs.


Our solution was to start an informal “double trouble” group for these dually diagnosed individuals, and for years it met successfully in a downtown Salem church...Article coming soon...


Article by Sean Roush - (Hope for dual diagnosis) as published by McMinnville News Register on 06/24/2006

Anonymity is a core principle of all 12-step recovery programs, so I'll just call my friend "Doug."


For years, he's gone to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in McMinnville. He still does...read entire article here...


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